About Us


How it all started…

Leonardo and Margarita Lopez are passionate, driven individuals who own several establishments including Maracas Restaurant located in Kissimmee, Florida. The duo owned and managed a restaurant in New Jersey in the 90s which gave them a strong knowledge base for their upcoming endeavors. Combining their expertise, they delved in pursuit of their shared dream – to create a home away from home – and laid the foundation of Maracas Restaurant in 2003.

Ever since its launch, the popularity of the restaurant has grown significantly across Central Florida – so much so that it expanded to accommodate the increasing influx of guests. The owners are currently in the process of building a new plaza to serve as the new location – which would accommodate more guests and offer an upscale dining experience.

Our Philosophy

Exceptional service, a cozy environment and a taste that reminds you of home are all key components of what make Maracas a staple in Central Florida. Our chefs use their skills and expertise to prepare each meal with dedication and love.

>Maracas Restaurant believes in cooking delicious home cooked meals for patrons to savor and share with others.